In order for you to understand what is behind every functionality, we will describe these briefly.


Main accounting functionsFinancial: chart of accounts, manual journals, general ledger. Invoices: sales, purchases.

Does not include sending invoices via email, adding files to invoices and bank import. 

Purchase InboxPurchase Inbox is a functionality for automating your purchase invoices. You have your unique email where suppliers can send emails, software reads most PDF files automatically and the user interface shows you file when creating invoice. All together with invoice approval and purchase invoice paying options Purchase Inbox can automate your purchase process 85%
Bank importWith bank import you can connect your bank automatically (if we support your bank) or upload bank statement. The system recognises up to 99% of transactions automatically- by connecting them with invoice(s) and/or account(s).
Fixed assetsWith fixed assets you can use following functionalities: create or purchase fixed assets, calculate depreciation and see corresponding fixed asset reports
VAT/Sales tax reportVAT / Sales tax report is the result of the transactions you have done with sales, purchase invoices and payments. But as the system supports all kind of tax rules, you can use built in tax files or create your own rules to download tax report.
Send emailsVia emails you can send out invoices, customer reminders, balance statements and even employee payslips. System checks if email is sent, received and opened (the last one of course depends on the email system used by the counterparty). 
E-invoicesE-invoice is computer readable invoice. At the moment supported e-invoices are Estonian and Finnish e-invoices.
Creating bank filesYou can select invoices you want to pay and click “create payment file”. Supported formats include all European and Australian standards. For the rest of the world system supports remittance advices and check printing with different layouts.
Customer reportCustomer report shows customer balances in different time periods. You can send out payment reminders and balance statements. In addition, you can add comments about connecting the customer (information about debts etc) and see the last time when an email was sent to customer.
Projects, objects, dimensionsUsing projects is a flexible feature in order to see all the needed dimensions, revenues and expenses, projects, objects. For example, you want to see all the expenses of some customer – you can make a project for that. When you have multiple departments you can divide these into projects. You can choose multiple projects at once and group these in order to have a better overview.
Detailed P/L and balance sheetBy default, you can see ordinary income and balance statement. If you want to see 12-month statement, compared statement or make statement that is compiled based on your company’s needs then you need detailed income and balance statement.
Invoice customizationBy default, you have four different invoice templates: with a discount; without a discount; with a discount and a signature and without a signature. If these templates doesn’t meet your requirements, you can design your own template.
APIAPI (application programming interface) let’s the user to create connections between ERPLY Books and some other application. You need the access to API when you need to connect your account with some partner program (except for Swedbank). You need API for ERPLY inventory, for Envoice and for Omniva integration. If you want to create API connection with some software you need to have access to it.
Recurring invoicesIf you need to send monthly invoices then you can use recurring invoices. Add invoices that needs to be send out every day/week/month and then the system sends out the invoices.
PayrollUse payroll module to pay out salaries and print out payroll- related reports
Report generatorIf the existing reports doesn’t meet your requirements then you can create reports according to your needs. You can create reports that show who made some transaction in the past. You can also make reports that shows grouped data (e.g. see only some specific type of transactions by credit or debit journals).
Currency managementCurrency module allows the user to create invoices in different currencies. You can add currency accounts, manage bank import in different currencies, create a currency report and see different reports in different currencies.
Management reportsManagement reports are different key performance indicators, top 10 reports and other reports that show how your business is doing.
Automatic payment remindersYou can add rules where the system checks every night if customers have overdue invoices and send out reminders (or customer balance statements).
Invoice approvalYou can approve invoice by sending approval requests via email or approve/reject invoice inside the system.
Additional locationPlease contact us for personal offer as we are happy to give volume discounts
A custom email address in Purchase Inbox at our domaine.g. In case you want to forward emails from your own email address (e.g, you have to activate this Purchase Inbox’s email feature.