This manual is for explaining how to send invoices in ERPLY Books and how to change content of email which is being sent. For sending invoices You can also use other email services (Gmail etc.), if You download invoice from ERPLY Books to your computer and attach it to the email.

Where can I send invoices in ERPLY Books?

You can send invoices with email from several places:

  1. Open the invoice You want and press envelope button on footer. In this option you can directly change the content of email and system will notice You (a small box will appear on the lower right corner) if invoice is already sent to the customer with email.

2. Incomes →Open receivables →Open Receivables, tick invoices You wish to select and press “More” on footer →send email. In this way email will be sent straight to the customer.

If You get an error report that says there is no email address assigned to the customer then you must first go to the page Incomes → Contacts and add correct email address to the customer (from the button “i” that is before the customer name You can access customer card and after doing alterations also remember to save them).

  1. Incomes → Open Receivables → Sales Invoices (everything is same like in previous example).

Where can I change the content of email?

You can change the content of email that is sent with invoice from page Settings→ Configuration in a box ‘Invoice email text’. By default invoice email text is: Sales invoice, PDF: (with link to PDF version of the invoice) and Link (with HTML link to invoice). Text of the invoice email can be text You have added or specific parameters inserted as HTML code, which system adds to the content of email.

What can be added to the text of invoice email?

If You don’t like to use default content You can add text that You would like (which can be a signature for example) or specific parameters which system uses to add specific values to text. Parameters You can use are:

  1. |USER|- add name of the sender
  2. |NUMBER|- add invoice number
  3. |CUSTOMER|- add name of the customer
  4. |HTML_LINK|- add HTML link
  5. |PDF_LINK|- add PDF link of the invoice
  6. |EINVOICE_LINK|- add e-invoice link
  7. |USERNAME|- add e-mail of the user

Additionally since email text is HTML code, You can use all HTML possibilities:

  1. <br><br>- leaves empty row between two parameters/words
  2. <br>- distributes two values to different rows in email (don’t leave empty row in between)
  3. ….