ERPLY Books makes your waste (management) even more manageable!


Waste management is an important part of every society. It consists of many different and complex processes that deal with the consequences of consumerism, i.e. garbage and waste. A circular economy is the basis for a sustainable future and environment. In order for waste management to work comfortably, easily and transparently, the waste manager needs software where all the necessary information is collected and used as needed – for reporting, waste inventory, cost accounting etc. ERPLY Books is a multi-functional business software that integrates many different solutions, including waste management. If you are a waste manager, you don’t have to wait any longer. Become an ERPLY Books user now so you can prepare next year’s waste report in just 30 minutes and without major headaches. All you will get is the pure joy of submitting the report! Using various built-in processes, plugins and standard functions, it is possible to manage all processes of a waste management company in Books.

ERPLY Books has all the functions a waste management company needs:

  • Acceptance of waste so that the customer pays for the waste
  • Acceptance of waste so that you pay for the waste of the customer
  • Site management function
  • Waste management components’ management
  • Reporting of waste processing in the software
  • Waste articles
  • Waste inventory
  • Preparation of a yearly waste report
  • Calculation of waste storage facilities
  • Balance notifications for quantities
  • Waste management cost accounting function
  • Contracts module
  • API – easy to connect existing information systems with ERPLY Books

Since ERPLY Books is first and foremost fully functional accounting software, all other business process management options can also be added:

  • Automatic receipts-payments management with automatic payment reminders and other functions
  • Purchase invoice mailbox, which can automate up to 80% of purchase invoice management. There is also a confirmation round possibility. 
  • Automatic accounting of the entire sales-purchase system
  • All other accounting
  • VAT administration
  • Management reporting
  • Budget module
  • Periodic invoices (if, for example, you collect garbage and need to send out invoices to customers) and much more.

In order to make sure of the convenience and innovation of ERPLY Books, we have a FREE DEMO option!

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