Why do construction companies choose the ERPLY Books accounting software?


Construction companies play a key role in the socioeconomic development of our society. Companies engaged in construction activities create wealth, which constitutes a significant part of the gross domestic product of the Estonian state. In order to correctly reflect the financial status, cash flows, and economic outcomes of construction companies, accounting plays an important role – it is most convenient to handle these processes in the ERPLY Books software. The construction sector shapes our living environment, creates new jobs, and supports the sustainable development of the economy. It is important for construction companies to constantly contribute to the stable development of this sector, which includes everything that happens in the company, including accounting. If you manage the accounting in the ERPLY Books software, the entire workflow will be faster, more time-efficient, and, thanks to new functions, also more innovative. 

Save 80% of your time

Forget the time it takes to create purchase invoices – the purchase invoice mailbox does it for you.

Track the income and expenses of objects

Keep your income and expenses under control. By creating quotations for customers, you can monitor how much electricity, fuel, labor, building materials, and more are used.



Cloud-based software

Access data at any time and in any place – even while on site.


Price offers

Lost a quote? Set the status “Rejected” on the contract. Was your quote accepted? You can create invoices from the contract and monitor the project’s profitability.

File management

All customer-related documents can be archived directly on top of their related documents. Take pictures of the work done, add signed contracts and documents directly to invoices, deliver notes.


Flexible pricing

As a small construction company, you can use the functions for ten euros per month. For larger ones, we recommend getting the implementation from us.