Every plan includes essential features like invoicing, bank imports, expense mailbox, manual journal, general ledger.

All plans includes a FREE 30-day trial period (with free demo on request).

Ask for a quote if you have more than 10 companies to manage.



Pay as you go
0 € per month
10 € per month
50 € per month /
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Main functionalities (accounting, general ledger)
InvoicesUp to 1000 / monthUp to 1000 / monthUnlimited
Email supportYes for paid featuresYes for paid features
5€ per user5€ per user5€ per user
0.15€ per invoice0.15€ per invoice
1 €
1 €
1 €
1 €
1 €
1 €
5 €
5 €
5 €
5 €
5 €
5 €5 €
10 €10 €
10 €10 €
10 €10 €
10 €10 €
10 €10 €
10 €10 €
10 €10 €10 €
10 €10 €

Try for Free

Try for Free

Try for Free


*Prices are VAT exclusive. VAT will be added to EU customers based on the Member State VAT rate where your business is located, unless a valid VAT number is provided.

If you feel that you need to disassemble your company's business processes in person, send your questions to support@erplybooks.com and we will make you a personalized onboarding offer!

Prices are indicated per organisation. If you have more than one company, we advise you to
contact us and request a tailored pricing offer (and solution).


Other Activities

Additional activity
Additional trainingStarting from 75€/h
Additional user10€/month per company
Custom developmentsStarting from 100€/h
Chart of AccountsStarting from 50€
Custom invoice designStarting from 50€/h
Open ReceivablesStarting from 50€/h
Open PayablesStarting from 50€/h
General LedgerStarting from 50€/h
Trial BalancesStarting from 50€


Additional features / add-ons

Changing the existing invoice templatestarting from 50 EUR/ per hourIf you already have a template, but you want some minor changes to be made (change the position of the text, add/delete/change rows or text, add some new fields on the template etc) then please contact us via email support@erplybooks.com.
Complete automation of purchase invoices10EUR / per every invoiceWe will add rules for every purchase invoice, so when it arrives to the Purchase Inbox, the system knows how to add the right accounts, amounts etc. Also, user can add optional rules (send invoice to invoice confirmation or straight to the bank). It’s OK to send it straight to bank, in the bank you have to confirm the payment anyway.
Key performance indicators50EUR / per hourKey performance indicators - we will set up the needed KPI’s and reports. Depending on the company’s needs, it will take approximately one hour to set it up.
Automatic balance reminders199EUR / one-time feeBalance statements that you must send out once in a month. If you need to send balance comparisons every month, then you should make it automatic. We can add the rules and control mechanisms.
Recurring invoices199EUR / one-time feeWe will import your monthly invoices and automate compiling the sales invoices and sending those to customer.
Automatic reports to your email299EUR / one-time feeYou can set up monthly reports in every organisation. For example, if you have an accounting company you can send out income sheet and balance sheet.We can create the rules together and will show you how to create new rules for the new companies.
Automatic payment reminders299EUR / one-time feeWe will check by default rules for the system to control every night the automatic payment reminders. We will add the needed settings with emails that will be sent out.
Invoice approval299EUR / one-time fee We will add rules, so all the people who need to check the invoices before the payment will receive an email with confirmation link. This includes the training for all the people participating in this process.
Complete automation of the banks299EUR / one-time feeCompiling bank rules in order to completely automate the bank processes. We help you to add different bank rules, so the system would process the bank statements. We will add rules for sending the statements with e-mail. We have integration with Swedbank and we will make the connection completely automatic for you.
Setting up the tax rate groups399EUR / one-time feeWe will add rules that will determine the subsidiaries under the main account. If customer downloads the VAT report, they will also get tax information about other related organisations.
Setting up the prepayment VAT499EUR / one-time feeThe fee includes a one-time personal training session, where you and our company representative go through all necessary aspects to get you acquainted with the Prepayment VAT functionality, a correct setup of the Prepayment VAT rules for your ERPLY Books account and a synchronisation settings and data check for your ERPLY account.
Sending sales invoices automatically599EUR / one-time feeWe will add rules for the automatic invoice sending. You can have different ways: factoring, e-mail, e-invoice, and e-invoice to the operator. We will add control functions and mechanism so we can exclude sending out wrong data and new information  fields on customer card so you can assign how you manage with the customer.
Self-designed reports599EUR / one-time feeWe will help you to design the balance statement, income sheet and cash flow statement that you need. You can determine the needed report types and structure. In addition you can set up the account hierarchy, assign parent accounts and add formulas that help you to calculate needed information from your data.
E-invoices599EUR / one-time feeThis fee includes setting up the invoices so they would meet the needed requirements and making the integration between ERPLY Books and Omniva, Fitek or Envoice.