How does the ERPLY Books software work best for an investment company?


The area of investing is rapidly changing, which means that it and the people working in related jobs must be constantly evolving. Just like the ERPLY Books accounting software. Investing makes it possible to stay above the ever-increasing inflation and instead increase the value of money, which means that the purchasing power of a person/company does not decrease. The accountants of investment companies need to have the knowledge and ability to orient themselves in this diverse and changing world. ERPLY Books can come to the aid of the investment accountant and help make the already complicated paperwork a little easier.

ERPLY Books has all the features an investment company needs:

  • The software has a reporting module where you can see, for example, a balance sheet, profit, and loss statement, and cash flow statement.
  • Detailed views of reports show rows by accounts.
  • With the help of a comparative report, it is possible to analyze and compare different reporting periods. You can compare, for example, two months and years.
  • If you have several different departments and want to display a report for only one department, the project and location-based reports enable this.
  • The fixed assets module helps to manage the company’s fixed assets – to account for them and to calculate depreciation.
  • The bank interface and bank import make linking bank transactions and accounting very easy and automatic. Load the file into the system via bank import, and ERPLY Books will automatically combine payments with invoices.
  • Managing multiple businesses
    • All information and data are in one place
    • Possibility to copy the next company based on already created company settings (chart of accounts, system accounts, VAT types)
    • The ability to monitor company statistics
      • the statistics/reports of several companies can also be combined into one statistic/report.
  • In ERPLY Books, you can view nearly 50 different ratios on a graph according to your wishes: basic financial ratios, for example:
    • ROE, ROA, ROR;
    • liquidity ratios;
    • bankruptcy ratios.
  • In ERPLY Books, it is also possible to set up automatic notifications that are sent to the specified email. Examples of cases in which this may be necessary:
    • You would like to email sales by customer once a month to the company manager.
    • You want to receive a specific notification (for example: “Send me an email if my sales invoice is overdue by 3 days” or “Send me a reminder if I haven’t confirmed the invoice within three days after the request.”)
  • ERPLY Books can be used as your company’s central accounting system where all information, documents, and reports are in one place. By collecting financial and tax reports of companies, you can see a list of companies that have not submitted reports.

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