We save you time so that you can completely focus on providing legal assistance!

Law firms focus on providing legal services and solving legal problems. Their main goal is to advise and provide assistance to clients in various business and legal fields. In addition, they help clients protect their interests and do everything they can to ensure their well-being. It is important that the entire team would be able to commit to providing customer satisfaction in their daily work. Since time is the most valuable and, unfortunately, a limited resource, it is essential to automate certain activities – a law firm will especially benefit from the distribution function, which will provide you with an overview of the profitability of clients. ERPLY Books has taken into account the specificities of law firms so that the bookkeeping would run smoothly and would be more manageable.

Revenue and cash flow analysis

You can create a cash flow planning table that displays real unpaid invoices, real bank balances and other income-disbursements.

Follow the business process

Get an overview of all customer-related operations by creating an order or invoice from a contract.




If necessary, you can archive all client-related files in ERPLY Books.


See the customer’s profitability

For this purpose, there is a distribution function, with which you can check whether the expenses of the employees are covered by the income.

Keep all client files separate from others

You can consolidate all reports and files related to one client under one project.