Managing rental with ERPLY Books feels like a walk in the park


Using rental services is very modern and convenient these days. If at some point in life a person needs, for example, a stroller, a car, an apartment or even a book, the opportunity is always available to rent it instead of buying it. Contemporary people listen to music on Spotify instead of the radio and watch movies on Netflix instead of cable TV. These are just a few examples of how offering rental services makes people’s lives more comfortable. In order to offer a rental service, there needs to be a warehouse, products, transport depending on the property to be rented, and also software that keeps an eye on all business activities. The ERPLY Books software is committed to making it easy for the rental service provider to manage their service offering and conveniently monitor it. The ERPLY Books program can independently perform several processes that are currently done manually by each rental service provider.

Project-based reporting

Each project to be rented out is listed as a project, which allows you to add the related income and expenses to each project.


The customer has exceeded the payment deadline? It’s okay! You can set reminders for the customer so that he doesn’t forget anything.


Cloud-based software

Access to data at any time and in any place – even if you are on another continent.


Regular customers

For those who rent your product/service several times, recurring invoices can be created, which the software automatically sends to them.




This article is intended for companies that offer one-off rental activities. If you deal with rent with fixed payments (sports clubs, etc.), read more about our periodic invoices.