New price plan in ERPLY Books


From now one ERPLY Books’s customers can make changes in their company’s price plan. You can choose and add the most suitable package to your account. You don’t need to contact with customer support. You can do all the changes by yourself. All the changes will apply immediately when you have activated the new package.

You can choose the free package that has the main functionalities for accounting. Different functionalities are not limited by package any more – you can choose the exact functionalities and features, that your company needs.

In order to open the necessary module, log in to ERPLY Books, go to “Settings” > “Priceplan”.


1. Which packages are available in the price plan?


ERPLY Books has three different package. They all have different features and price.  

You will find more information in ERPLY Books priceplan.

price plan

You will see currently active package at the top of the page. In addition, you will see information about paying and invoices.


1.1. Custom features


Customers with big package can choose different custom features. Their price will be added to the main package price.

If you have some other package than “Big plan”, you can choose necessary features to your company:


1.2. What are the paying options for the price plan?


You can pay for invoice and you can use credit card or PayPal. In EU countries, you can use both of the paying methods (invoice and credit card). In countries outside EU, you can only pay with credit card and PayPal.

You will get an invoice for the package in the end of every month.

NB! When you have just started using the ERPLY Books and you still have a free plan, then choosing the suitable package, remaining days of the trial will be saved and added to your now package.


2. How to change the existing package and activate the new one?


When you have chosen the suitable package, click on the “Select” button.

price plan

Choose a payment method (invoice or credit card). Then scroll down in order to activate the new package.

price plan


2.1. Paying with invoice


When you have chosen invoice method, then click on “Activate” and you will receive an email. You will receive information about changing the package. In order to activate the new package, click on the button in the email. Then you will receive a notification about activating the package.

Next, you will get a confirmation email, that the activation was successful and you will find an invoice in the attachment.


2.2. Paying with credit card


If you want to pay with credit card, then choose the payment method “Credit card”, choose the new package that you would like to activate and click on the button “Activate”. You will receive an email with information that you would like to activate a new package. When you click on the activation button in the email, then a new window will open where you need to e enter your credit card data.



The new package will be activated, when you confirm your credit card data. If you want to use PayPal for paying, then you have to confirm you PayPal account data.

NB! When using the credit card or PayPal, money will be calculated off from your account, automatically.


2.3. Invoice payment by another organization


If you want your organization’s package to be paid by another organization connected to the account, it can be changed by going to the price list settings (”Settings -> Priceplan”) and scrolling down to find the option “Payer organization”.



There you can choose between all the organizations with which your account is connected. When you have selected a suitable organization, press the “Save” button. Subsequent invoices are sent to the administrator of the selected company.


3. How to cancel the subscription?


If you don’t want to use the package any longer then click on the button “Unsubscribe”. You will find this button at the end of the page.

Then the program will ask for confirmation and you will receive an email with information of changing your package to free package. If you want to choose the free plan (unsubscribe your package) then click on the button in the email.



I want to change the package in the middle of the month. Can I do it and what’s the price?

You can change the package whenever you want to. When you replace your existing package with bigger one, then this month you will receive an invoice for the bigger package (because you started using the bigger package’s features). If you replace your package with a smaller package then this month you will get an invoice for the previous package, because you were still using the old package’s features. Next month you will receive an invoice for the smaller package (the new package).

Every package has it’s invoice and user limits. What happens if I exceed the limits?

When you exceed the package limits the you will get a warning notification. For example, if the user limit is two users, and you exceed this limit, then this function will be locked and you can’t add any more users to your account (it’s the same with invoice limit – when you exceed it, you can’t send out any more invoices). If you want to proceed working with this feature then you have to change your existing package to a bigger one, because your current package will not be enough if you exceed the limits. If the customer doesn’t want to choose a bigger package then this function is locked until the new month.

I accidentally clicked on the unsubscribe button. I actually didn’t want to stop using the package. What do I do now?

ERPLY Books is safe for customers. If you click on the unsubscribe button then you will see a notification with confirmation. If you click on the confirmation button, you will receive an email where you can give the final confirmation for stop using the package. All your company’s administrators (users with status admin) will get this email. Therefore only people who has access to your email and who are admins can stop using the package. When you accidentally click on the button, then you will not deactivate your package.