Managing statuses of purchase invoice payment file in ERPLY Books


EPRLY Books allows you to compile a payment file to pay supplier invoices (and wages, prepayments etc).

How to compile purchase invoice payment file in ERPLY Books?

First, select module “Payables” from dashboard. From there, you can select invoices for which you want to pay. Tick the invoices and press “Export Payments to File”. If you have entered your bank information, you will get no error report. If it is blank, software will give you an error report: “Bank info missing”. Please add your bank name and account number under organisation settings. Then, ERPLY Books will direct you to the “Bank Accounts” module, where you can enter your bank information. If you have done this, click on “Export Payments to File” again. You will see information about invoices with bank information of suppliers. If you haven’t entered their bank information, you can do it there.

Click on “Export Payments to File”. Then, software will download a payment file. You can upload it to your bank. Usually banks have module called “payment import” from where you can upload the file. If you have problems with uploading file to bank, please contact your bank for support.

However, after you click on “Export Payments to File”, then the software will create an additional button – “Mark as Paid”. You can use this button to mark purchase invoices as paid. It will use account which you can find from “Settings” > “Initial Data” > “System Accounts” > “Pending Money”. By default software will not mark anything as paid. So, if you wish to use it, you must do it by yourself. Generally we would recommend to mark invoices, which were actually paid, during bank import. If you pay to same customer without using reference number, system will add multiple invoices together and these will be paid in one transaction, but while doing transactions invoice numbers will be added to description separately.

You might have two questions, which depending on company might be necessary or not.

  1. Which invoices I have already sent to the bank?
  2. Is it possible to compile payment file according to due date not today’s date?

Because they are company based settings, rules must be added for them. You can do this with global attribute. Search “Global attributes” from dashboard.


Which invoices I have already sent to the bank?

Sending to bank condition is followed when You have attribute called: “ATTRIBUTE_GLOBAL_AUTOMATIC_CONFIRM_PAID”.

Result should be following:

payment file

After this it would be reasonable to use confirming function. “Settings” > “Organisation Data” and tick “Use document confirmation”.


    • If you compile purchase invoice it is unconfirmed status by default.
    • You can change status directly on purchase invoice (by marking “Confirmed” in status form).
    • Mass editing of status is possible in “Reports” > “Purchase invoices”, where you can select purchase invoices you wish and click “Other” > “Confirm”.
    • Open Payables shows only confirmed invoices.
    • If you add some purchase invoice payment file, then after compiling file, software will automatically change document status to: “Confirmed and payment file compiled”.
    • Because Open Payables shows only confirmed documents, then system will not display those there any more.
    • If you still wish to pay for some invoice again or something happened to the payment file, then you can open the invoice and add new status to it manually.


Compiling payment file according to the due date of the invoice

Add following condition for that: “ATTRIBUTE_GLOBAL_DEADLINE_PAYMENT_EXPORT”

Result should be following:

After that, by selecting invoices from Open Payables, ERPLY Books will set their payment date as due date of the invoice or today’s date (if payment date was in past).

NB: If payments going to one supplier are on different dates, system will do payments separately and not add these together.