Price list functionalities


For providing a better understanding of what the functionalities on the price list mean exactly, here are detailed descriptions.

Basic functionsFinance: chart of accounts, manual entries, general ledger. Invoices: sales, purchases.
Not included: emailing invoices, adding files to invoices, bank imports and similar.
Purchase InboxPurchase Inbox with all opportunities: choose a name for your email inbox, create invoices automatically with a PDF parser, comfortable invoice entry view (input on the left and file view on the right)
Purchase Invoice inbox email with your own domainYou can change your email address yourself. For example in the style But if you want to forward emails straight to the inbox from your own email (for example, then you have to activate the Purchase Inbox feature. 
Bank importYou can change your email address yourself. For example in the style But if you want to forward emails straight to the inbox from your own email (for example, then you have to activate the Purchase Inbox feature. 
Fixed assetsThe fixed assets module includes all functionalities related to fixed assets: take fixed assets into inventory, calculate depreciation for them, set up different depreciation rules and track fixed assets reporting. 
Value Added Tax reportThe VAT report allows you to download a public VAT report in an XML format and also lets you print VAT return reports on paper or in a PDF form. 
Sending emailsSending emails includes all points from which invoices, balance notices, payment reminders, employees’ payslips are sent out via email from the system.
Not included: automatic movements between systems like sending e-invoices to Envoice or the finbite system.
E-invoicesThe e-invoices module gives you permission to issue e-invoices and send them to customers. Without that, partner integrations will not work (Finbite, UnifiedPost, Invoice). 
Payment files compilationPayment files compilation means creating payment order files. It means issuing SEPA and ABA “payment orders” and also checking the format. 
Customer reportA customer report is a customer/supplier report on the timing of debts. The report also has an operational function: you can send payment reminders and balance notes to customers or suppliers. You can also add comments about communicating with customers (it means you can add comments about what customers told you about debts etc.). The report will show when the last email was sent. 
Projects, objects, dimensionsThis flexible functionality shows the parameters you need: dimensions-costs/incomes-projects-objects – how you want to name these. For example, if you want to differentiate between certain customer advertisements – add a project for that. Or if you have many departments – every department can be a separate project. You can select many projects at once. You can also group them to make tracking easier. This functionality enables to expand ERPLY Books. 
Detailed P/L and income statementYou have access to your customary profit and law / income statement by default. In addition, if you want a 12-month report view, to compare reports or design your own P/L or income statement, then you need access to detailed P/L and income statements. 
Invoice designBy default you have four different invoice designs: with a discount, without a discount, with a discount and signature, without a discount and signature. If you don’t like the default invoice design, you are welcome to design your own. 
APIAPI (application programming interface) is data exchange between ERPLY Books and your application. You need access to the API if you want access to any partner application (excepted the Swedbank direct connection). It includes ERPLY POS and Inventory integration, Envoice and finbite integration. In addition, if you start integration with the API without having access to the API, then you cannot use this.  
Recurring invoicesIf you settle payments with a customer every month, you need periodical invoices. The system checks every night if there are invoices that need to be settled. 
Payroll moduleThe Payroll module allows you to calculate salaries and compile different reports related to the salaries. 
Additional userYou can add additional users for your company and assign different rights and roles to them. 
Report GeneratorThe Report Generator is a functionality to create different reports that are not included in the standard package. For example, a Report Generator lets you do queries back in time to see by whom and when something was done. 
Currencies, automatic exchange rates, currency accountsCurrencies allows you to enter invoices in different currencies, currency accounts can be added, you can manage bank imports in multiple currencies, check currency reports and also look at reports in different currencies. 
Management accounting reportsYou have an opportunity to use different ratios and analytical reports. These include, for example, top 10 debtors, GMROI, ROE, asset turnover etc. 
Automatic payment reminderYou can set up rules for the system to check every night if there are customers that need payment reminders. Rules are multilayer: for example, you can set up sending a “gentle” reminder if the deadline was 3 days ago or a “strict” letter if the payment deadline was 14 days ago. 
Invoice confirmation circleThe confirmation circle is a very user-friendly functionality for small and large businesses to confirm purchase invoices. It means that regardless of the size of your business, you can verify your purchase invoices directly from your email or directly from the software.
Additional departmentPlease contact us if you have several departments. We can draw up a separate price offer for that.