Purchase Inbox


Purchase inbox can save up to 80% of the time spent managing purchase invoices. Start using ERPLY Books’ Purchase Inbox to save time on everyday operations. Each organization has its own unique email address where suppliers can send their invoices. Purchase invoices that have been sent on to this email are easy to record: on the right, you see the invoice and on the left, you can enter it.

  • Give suppliers your ERPLY Books’ email. ERPLY Books saves and archives sent emails and attached files immediately;
  • All documents are in one place and archived so none of the documents go missing;
  • PDF parser and processing e-invoices automatically helps with compiling invoices;
  • Archive picture/PDF/e-invoice, compile payment files;
  • E-invoices – ERPLY Books supports UnifiedPost and finbite e-invoice solutions. Automatical configuration saves time on manual data entry.


With Purchase Inbox:

  1. You have your own e-mail address where customers, suppliers and reporting persons can send documents (“Settings” > “Configuration” > section “E-mail”).
  2. Invoices and attached files will be sent directly to inbox (“Purchase” > “Purchase inbox”).
  3. When it’s a new invoice, click on a button “Create invoice”.
  4. When you want to add files to an existing invoice, then choose the file and click the button “Find and add to Invoice”.
  5. You can find created invoices in “Purchase” > “Open Payables”.
  6. Use invoice confirmation to confirm files and invoices before paying.


Invoice Approval

You can start approving your purchase invoices making inserting your payables safer and more effective.