Swedbank, with the help of its partners, helps you to automate, improve and simplify your accounting processes. Now you can get all your payments into the accounting software quickly. This means getting paid faster, making sure your suppliers are happy and your books are up to date.


With Swedbank accounting you can use professional accounting software that is integrated into Swedbank’s e-bank and, if needed, use our accounting partners to get the best accounting experience.

ERPLY Books accounting software operates Swedbank accounting that synchronises all bank transactions automatically from Swedbank. In addition, it sends your payments to Swedbank with one click. This means your everyday business banking is as quick as possible.


Benefits for the customer

  • Automatic receivables and payables
  • New century for eCommerce in Baltics
  • Automate payables
  • Use features you couldn’t use before (e.g. automatic customer reminders)
  • Focus on the business not on the accounting
  • Accounting office: automate all processes
  • Get paid faster
  • Wholesale and retail: automate sales ordering process


How to integrate Swedbank with ERPLY Books?

ERPLY Books is cloud based professional accounting software that integrates with Swedbank. It has all the accounting features necessary for managing the accounting of small, medium and large companies.

  • Swedbank integration
    • With ERPLY Books you can automate bank transactions up to 100% – ERPLY Books synchronises all new payments from Swedbank every few minutes and you don’t have to download or upload any files in order to make payments. 
  • Invoicing
    • Create and send sales invoices. Track who has received emails and send remainders to debtors.
  • Purchase inbox
    • Automate your purchases up to 90% using the purchase inbox. You have your own email to sent invoices. ERPLY Books can create purchase invoices from them automatically, using different rules. Since all the files are stored digitally, you have paperless accounting!
  • Everything an accountant needs
    • Besides invoices and payments, ERPLY Books has all other features you need for accounting: manual journals, a general ledger, fixed assets, payroll etc.
  • Reports
    • ERPLY Books has all the reports needed for tax agencies (VMI in Lithuania, EMTA in Estonia and VID in Latvia), management, accountants and auditors.
  • The size of your company doesn’t matter
    • ERPLY Books has many built in functionalities to automate data processing and improve reporting. In addition, you can configure how data is shown and processed. It has many integrations and it’s not difficult to connect your internal systems with ERPLY Books.


How the integration works?

    • ERPLY Books synchronises bank transactions and if it can link payments with invoices and/or accounts, then it saves the payments and creates transactions.
    • Without any user-specific rules ERPLY Books can connect about 80-90% of the payments with invoices and accounts.
    • By adding rules you can automate up to 100% of the process.
    • Now, sending payments to the bank means just clicking “send to bank”. You don’t have to download or upload any files. NB: ERPLY Books only sends payments to the bank – someone in Swedbank has to verify the payment manually.
  • By using our invoice approval process in the purchase inbox, you can get a purchase invoice created automatically by ERPLY Books and use the email confirmation to send it straight to the bank.



ERPLY Books has different price plans, depending on if you have a small company, an enterprise or a business that provides accounting service for other companies. Depending on your needs you can choose the most suitable plan that meets all your requirements. See the different price plans for accountants and for companies.

Start with ERPLY Books

Starting with ERPLY Books is simple. Here you can find some instructions that will help you to get started with ERPLY Books.


Log in to Swedbank


1) How to make a new user?

“Settings” > “Users” > “Add user”. Then fill in all the needed information and save.

2) How to add a new user who doesn’t use Swedbank?

Exactly like in question 1. Go to “Settings” > “Users”.

3) What information ERPLY Books synchronises from Swedbank?

ERPLY Books synchronises Bank statement information (payments and receivings) from Swedbank.

4) What information Swedbank synchronises from ERPLY Books?

It’s possible to send payment information to Swedbank (e.g. purchase invoice payments, salary payments etc.). It means when you have purchase invoices, that need to be paid for  the payment information will be sent to bank for confirmation. Payments will not be made in ERPLY Books, prepared payments will be sent to the bank.

5) How fast do the data and information move between ERPLY Books and Swedbank?

Automatic payments receive within a few minutes between Books and Swedbank. For example, when a customer pays and the money is received on the account, the information about the payment is sent to ERPLY Books within a few minutes.

6) How to remove a user?

“Settings” > “Users”, then click on the users email and choose “Remove Authorisation”.

7) How to end a contract?

In order to end the integration, go to Swedbank. Click on “Partners offers” > “All our partners offer” and end the contract. If you want to stop using ERPLY Books as well you have to change the price plan. Log in to ERPLY Books and go to “Settings” > “Price plan” and click on “Unsubscribe”.

The system will ask for verification and then the user will receive a confirmation on the email:

8) What is the price for this integration?

When you already have an ERPLY Books account, then there is a one-time fee of 10 EUR + VAT for the integration. When you don’t have an account in ERPLY Books, then there is no integration fee. The user will choose a suitable package (Small 5 EUR, Medium 10 EUR and Large 50 EUR) and that is the monthly fee for both ERPLY Books account and the integration.  

9) What are the packages? How can I change the existing package?

In ERPLY Book, there are three different packages. In order to see all the possible options, go to “Settings” > “Price plan”.

You can see the active package in the beginning of the page.

It’s possible to pay with a credit card and with an invoice. In the EU, we support both credit card and invoice but for countries outside the EU, we only support paying with a credit card.


If you want to change the package then see the different offered features price plan. Then you can choose a suitable package and paying method.

10) How to send payments to the bank? Do I need to log in to ERPLY Books or can I do it through Swedbank?

Log in to ERPLY Books and go to “Purchases” > “Open Payables”. Choose the needed invoices and click on “Send payments to the bank”.

A new page will open where you can change the supplier’s bank information and add new payments. The same module will be open when you calculate the payroll and you click on “compile the payment file” after the saving.


After sending the payments to the bank, you will receive a notification.


11) How to add payments to sales invoice?

Connectes payments with invoices and accounts automatically. If automatic connection with some of the payments is unsuccesful, then you can see these in the bank import module. Connect those payments manually with accounts and invoices. See more about it here.

If you have payments from other banks or in cash, do a bank import or do them manually. To do it manually- go to “Open Payables” where you can find the “add a payment” button.

12) What to do when ERPLY Books calculates the sum in other currency differently, then what will actually be paid from bank account?

When there is a sum on payment, then the program can’t connect it automatically and therefore you have to do it through the bank import module. If a payment is made to the EUR account, then according to EU standards, ERPLY Books doesn’t know what the used rate for the currency is and therefore uses the ECB rate for calculations. If the sum is different, then there might be different numbers in  ERPLY Books and in the bank. In this situation, go to the bank import, right-click and then “Edit amount”.

The best solution is to use currency accounts. For example, you can make a USD account and use that account for paying and receiving money. If you have a currency account, then ERPLY Books will synchronise payments to the currency account. Please read the following manual to get more information about currency accounts.

13) How to upload files from other banks?

Go to the bank import module and click on “Choose a file”. A window will open where you can choose the needed bank.


If you have any questions, then contact us:

+372 668 8961