ERPLY Books has several options for e-shop integration. We have our own mini e-shop and integrations with WooCommerce and Shopify have been created.

Through the integration, you can easily send the orders made in the e-shop to ERPLY Books and manage payments, credit card payments and create sales invoices from the orders there. You can manage the order process and do all the rest of your accounting in one place.


All integrations can be combined with our functionalities:

  • order process (open “Settings” and activate “Use prepayments for orders?”)
  • Paylike integration
  • Swedbank, Accountscoring (pan-Balticum), Nordea (FI), Danske (FI), OP (FI) integrations
  • bank import for all other payment types

Learn more about our integration options:


WooCommerce integrationWooCommerce


Shopify integration
Setting up Shopify integration


Mini E-Shop

Your Mini E-Shop is ready

Setting up the Mini E-Shop


Use the Paylike payment method

Partner API

Partner API documentation (ENG)