Envoice integration with ERPLY Books


1. Partnership between Envoice and ERPLY Books

Envoice is cloud based Accounts Payable automation add-on for your accounting software. It helps to get rid of manual data entry, validation and coding of your purchase invoices. Find out more information from their website or by email – support@envoice.eu.


2. Integration with Envoice

2.1. What are the benefits for the ERPLY Books user?

When integrating your ERPLY Books account with Envoice, you can send all your purchase invoices (and receipts) to Envoice Inbox (or use mobile APP) and it extracts data from items. You can code your documents or apply automation rules, create expense or travel reports and run approval workflow if needed. After processing, the data is automatically published to ERPLY Books, no manual data entry is needed.

Synchronization is an automatic process that also works vice versa – every change that is made in ERPLY Books, will be synchronized to Envoice. You can synchronize accounts, projects, vendors, tax rates etc. Sending data between those programs takes only a few moments.


3. How to create the integration with Envoice?

It’s simple, just follow these steps:

  1. Login to your ERPLY Books account.
  2. Navigate to Settings menu and click on the Configuration
  3. Scroll to the bottom of page where you will find section API Token. If API Token field is empty, Click on the button Generate New API Token
  4. Select and copy the API Token
  5. Now you have the integration API Token and following steps have to be made in Envoice:
  6. Login to your Envoice account
  7. Go to Settings, >  Integrations >  choose  ERPLY Books
  8. Insert the API token from ERPLY Books and click Save.




If you see error message “Credentials seem to be wrong” in the connection window, ERPLY Books passwords should be changed either under “Settings -> User settings” or log out of the account and when logging back in enter the username and then “Forgot Password?”.





3.1 Price

3.1.1 Price of the integration

Linking your ERPLY Books account with Envoice and using the integration is free.


3.1.2 Price plans 

In ERPLY Books, there are three different price plans. Each one of them has its different set of functions included. You can find more information HERE.

Envoice uses per-document fees and small monthly fee (includes 30 documents). Click HERE to find out more.


3.2 Working process

When you have enabled the integration, you can start using the connection between two programs. Upload files from your computer, send invoices via email or use the “Envoice” app to send receipts or make a picture of a document and send the picture.

You will find your Invoice Inbox  email under the “Settings”. Use this email to send your items to Envoice for data extraction.


3.2.1 Sending the invoices

You can send one invoice (with unlimited attachments) in one email message. It can be in PDF or JPEG format.


When you send invoices to Envoice, you will see a red notification sign in the “Purchase” module. Click on “Purchase” and open the sent invoice. You can see the invoice parameters on the left and the PDF view on the right.


When you have made all the needed operations, click “Save”. A new page will open, click on “Publish” to send the invoice to ERPLY Books. You will get a notification after sending the invoice.


4. How to disable the integration?

In order to disable this integration,  go to “Settings” > “Integrations”. Click on the ERPLY Books and then on the button “Deactivate”.

The system will ask for your confirmation:


By clicking “Yes”, you’ll deactivate the integration.


Frequently asked questions

What happens if I deactivate the integration by accident?

Integrate your Envoice and ERPLY Books account again, like it’s described in the beginning of the Chapter 3.


Is there a limit for how many invoices I can send between ERPLY Books and Envoice?

The limit is based on ERPLY Books price package.

Small package – 10 invoices

Medium package – 1000 invoices

Large package – unlimited amount of invoices.


Do I get one invoice from ERPLY Books and the other one from Envoice or do I get one invoice that combines both of these?

You get separate invoices. Price in Envoice is based on how many documents you have extracted. In ERPLY Books, you can choose between three different price plans. Enabling the integration is free.


If I am an Envoice customer, how much does using ERPLY Books cost for me?

You can choose between three different price plans.


If I am an ERPLY Books customer, how much does using Envoice cost for me?

The price is based on the chosen plan and how many documents you have submitted for extraction.


If I sent an invoice to ERPLY Books and I deleted it later, will it also delete in Envoice?

No, the invoice will not be deleted in Envoice. You can send the invoice again to ERPLY Books – go to “Purchase” > “Archive”. Click on the button “Republish” in the end of the invoice row in order to send the invoice to ERPLY Books again.