ERPLY Books reporting is an universal solution for all parties:

  • financial statements for accountants – the general ledger, balance sheet, trial balances etc.;
  • tax returns statements – VAT return, VD report, TSD, etc.;
  • management reports for the manager – personalized reports, KPI graphs, etc.

In the ERPLY Books accounting software, it is possible to create all main report types required for annual financial statements – income statements, cash flow statements, statements of changes in equity, balance sheets. ERPLY Books also has a variety of financial statements in its selection of reports – journal reports, manual journals, general ledgers.

In addition to the existing report templates, it is also possible to easily generate a desired report yourself. The Report Generator designs reports based on the available data and the selected outputs. Therefore, the ERPLY Books Report Generator is a great solution for business managers. In addition you can create graphs to help you assess your company’s performance. All you have to do is give the software a command. For example, it is possible to display department costs by day or ROE, ROA, ROR ratios.

There is also an audit trail in the Report Generator. ERPLY Books stores the whole  information flow, which allows you to view the progress of data processing. This way you can view the changed and deleted data at any time. In addition, the software has a drill-down feature that allows you to navigate directly to more detailed information, such as account numbers and invoices, directly through the report.

The ERPLY Books flexible reporting feature is suitable for both small and large businesses. 

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