Report generator queries in standard reports


If the Report Generator is included in your package, then in addition to Report Generator reports you can make report generator queries also under standard reports. 

For this, use the ‘’Add filter’’ button under standard reports: 



This option is available in the following modules: 

  • All invoice searches (for example sales invoices, purchase invoices)
  • Receipts-payments search
  • Customer and supplier report (adds the query to the invoice search)
  • General ledger


The Sales invoices module as an example

Let us take the Sales invoices module (Sales -> Sales invoices) as an example. After opening the module, we can see that there is the same “Add filter” button:



If you press the “Add filter” button, a window will open where you can set various parameters to search for sales invoices:



For example, if you want to search for invoices regarding only one specific customer in the sales invoices module, you need to select the following options in the cells:

  • Parameter: Invoices.Customer/Vendor
  • Type: equals
  • Customer/Vendor: Michael



After this, press the ‘’Done’’ button and then the yellow ‘’Search’’ button: 



Now all filtered sales invoices with the specified parameters are displayed:



You can add as many different filters as you want. If you want to remove the filters, press the “Clear Everything” button in the “Add filter” window.