Paylike integration


Paylike is a Danish credit card payment company which is specifically designed for European companies and offers a reasonable service fee.

ERPLY Books supports the Paylike credit card solution by default and it can be used in two ways:

  1. Customers can pay their invoices by credit card
  2. It can be used as a card payment solution in a mini e-shop

Paylike integration configuration

Create a Paylike account (register here).

In ERPLY Books, go to “Settings”> “Integrations”> “Paylike” and insert the Paylike public key. Insert the same key in both fields and save.

Go to ERPLY Books under “Settings”> “Configuration” and “Paylike money account” to specify the account to which credit card payments received via Paylike will go. This account must be set up, otherwise the link where customers can make payments will not open. All payments made through Paylike are reflected on this account in ERPLY Books.

Paylike money account

Show the credit card button on invoices

The credit card button can be added to sales invoices. Go to “Settings”> “Initial Data”> “Invoice Customisation”, add a line and insert 173518 as the document template. To create a new line, press the down arrow key. When creating an invoice, you can select this invoice template from the printing language.

When customers receive an invoice, they must press the “Pay by credit card” button on the invoice.



Then they will be redirected to Paylike’s payment environment.

The invoice will be paid in the default currency of the payer, the amount and invoice ID. Therefore, paying by credit card is also convenient in the case of foreign currency accounts.

Your customers can also pay by credit card directly in the mini e-shop.