Prepayment groups in ERPLY Books


Prepayment Groups is a functionality in ERPLY Books that allows users to use multiple accounts for prepayments according to the groups that they have created for prepayments.

One way of using prepayment groups is to divide usual prepayments and deposits from customer. To set this up, log in to ERPLY Books software, go to “Settings” > “Configuration”.

Scroll down to “Other options” > tick Use prepayment groups?” > click “Save”. For the fastest navigation click Ctrl+F (Cmd+F on Mac) and type the desired text to find the rule).

Prepayment Groups

Now refresh the page.

To assign prepayment groups, open Settings” > “Initial data” > “System accounts”.

Click on “+” to add a new system account. Assign the system account type in the System account type” column (it’s the first column) as Prepayment Group” if you want to use it for customers, and Supplier prepayment group” if you want to use it for suppliers. In the second column use the account you want to use as the prepayment group account.

prepayment groups

If you haven’t created one for your chart of accounts, you can do it when you open Accounting” > “Chart of accounts”.

prepayment groups

After finishing this configuration, you will be able to use the prepayment group as an alternative prepayment account. You can do it when doing bank import or adding payments to your customer/supplier. Also, you can see the balance for the prepayment group account when you open the customer/supplier report. You can find it under Sales” > “Customer report” or Purchase” > “Supplier report”.