Different payment types


Different payment types used in ERPLY Books are: invoice payments, prepayments and other payments. Invoice payments and prepayments can be added under sales and purchases and other payments can be added to the cash in and cash out module. 


1. Invoice payments


Making invoice payments is very easy. In the case of a purchase invoice, go to ‘’Purchase -> Purchase Invoice (Add New) -> Purchase invoice’’. From there you can select a supplier to whom and the service for what the payment is being made. Suppose you want to make a 100€ payment for a ‘’service’’ to a company named ‘’Legal consultant’’, so select the supplier ‘’Legal consultant’’, the article ‘’service’’ and enter the price 100€. Enter the invoice number in the invoice number row and save. After that, click on the blue ‘’Add payment’’ button, select the paid amount 100€ and click on ‘’Save’’. Now if you open ‘’Sales -> Cash in’’, you can see that the payment is connected to the invoice. 


2. Prepayment


If you have made a 100€ prepayment to a supplier, go to ‘’Sales -> Sales Invoices -> Open Receivables’’. Click on the ‘’Add payment’’ button, select a supplier but do not fill the invoice number cell. Add 100 in the ‘’Paid amount’’ cell and hit ‘’Save’’. This payment has now been saved as a prepayment. If you now open the ‘’Supplier report’’ in the Purchases module, you can see the prepayment there. This prepayment is shown as cash out (open Purchases -> Cash out) but it is not connected to any invoices which means that it is prepayment. Every time you go to the Cash out module and see an invoice there that doesn’t have an invoice number but has a supplier, then it is prepayment. The Cash out row that has an invoice number and supplier’s name is an invoice. Prepayments are also shown in the purchases and sales articles and on sales and purchase invoices. 


3. Other payments


Other payments are all other transactions, for example bank service fees, interest fees etc. You can create these if you search ‘’Other Money out’’ in the dashboard. Then a window opens where you can add a corresponding payment. For example, add 2 euros with the description ‘’bank service fee’’ and save. 

Now if we go to the Cash out report (Purchases -> Cash out), then we see that there are 2 euros without an invoice number and supplier’s name, which means that this is the third payment type – other payment. All other payments are shown also in the bank import. In the bank import, the first type payments are connected with invoice payments, the second type payments with prepayments and the third type payments with other payments. 

It is also possible to combine transactions, for example the invoice was paid and prepayment was used as payment and another type of payment was added as well. In ERPLY Books, two separate payments are created from among the previously mentioned three payment types. If you want to change these payments, you have to double click on the corresponding cell and edit them, but if you want to change the invoice type, you have to delete the previous payment and add it again. 


The following video will introduce those types in more detail: