ABA files manual


Creating ABA files with ERPLY Books is easy, when following this instruction: go to “Purchases & Expenses” > “Open Payables”. Choose the payments you want. After that, click “Export Payments to File”.

ABA files - export-payments-to-file


In order of the successful export, make sure there are following requirements:

  1. Your organisation’s country is set to “Australia”
  2. Enter these values on your organisation’s bank sheet (top left corner):
    • Bank Name: Bank code (3 letters)
    • Account number: Account number of fund account
    • Identificator: BSB of funds account
  3. Enter these values on your contact’s bank sheet (“Incomes” > “Contacts” and bank details can be seen when you enable them):

ABa files - account number


  • Account number: Account number of target account
  • Identificator: BSB of target account
  1. Choose “ABA” from the available formats.
  2. Click “Export Payments to File”

When everything is correct, the ABA downloads.