ERPLY Books has lots of features that enable automation and improvement of accounting processes. Every single functionality of our product can be integrated into your software and can be used by all of your employees. For example, you can integrate only Purchase Inbox functionalities. Or integrate everything – full accounting software.

Software companies

ERPLY Books is looking for partners who would like to:

  • Become ERPLY Books reseller in a country/region
    • Create reports necessary for localization using our reporting API – we are able to provide all necessary data for local reporting like monthly Sales Tax or Payroll reports via API, so you can do the integration
    • Localisation performed by us or by you – depends on the type of our agreement 
  • Sell ERPLY Books inside your software application using the embedded app – if you develop software, which needs an accounting module in it, you may embed ERPLY Books and extend your software’s capabilities without extra cost on development
  • Add a part of ERPLY Books into your application using the embedded app – extend capabilities of your (including accounting) software by adding separate additional functionality like Purchase Inbox

What we offer:

  • Special pricing – by default, we use standard pricing and you get a share from each customer you sell our product to, the amount of your share depends on the type of our agreement
  • White labelling – our product can be sold by you under your own trademark (design and product name of your choice)
  • Custom design – our product can be visually adjusted to your product’s design to look like an original part of your software
  • Exclusivity – you get a share from every single sale made by us or other resellers of our product in your region. Of course, exclusivity is to be paid for, but your share increases, too.

Accounting service providers

ERPLY Books is searching for accounting service providers who would like to:

  • Consolidate all their customers on one platform to automate and simplify all accounting processes
  • Provide support to ERPLY Books users and earn money doing this
  • Provide trainings and consultations to ERPLY Books customers

What we offer:

  • Full training – the whole platform including all functionalities from A to Z
  • Custom implementation plan – a flexible three-stage plan that includes the setup, training sessions and post-training support to make sure you’re fluent and comfortable using our software


Next steps: contact us via and we’ll organise a webinar where we go through partnership details.