CostPocket and ERPLY Books integration


With CostPocket and ERPLY Books integration cost document management is easy! CostPocket is a simple cost management software that saves up to 63% of time. Software offers its customers both robot digitisation and human-controlled digitisation. In addition, it is possible to receive e-invoices with CostPocket (for 1€ per month you can receive 100 e-invoices)

Process checks and invoices through CostPocket, which handles data entry for you and forwards all information from the document to ERPLY Books.


CostPocket integration

With the CostPocket app, you can take pictures of printed checks and invoices. CostPocket digitises them and forwards them to ERPLY Books. In the case of sending documents via email, each company has a unique ERPLY Books email address to which you can send documents (PDF invoices, Bolt, Uber, Amazon, FB, Google etc.) You can then perform all other accounting in ERPLY Books.

In addition, the ERPLY Books interface now allows you to use reports: shipping and expense reports.


Configuring CostPocket

For setting up ERPLY Books and CostPocket you need to have an active user account in both software. Read about the exact setup steps here.

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CostPocket and erply books integratsion