Connecting to ERPLY


Connecting to ERPLY is easy. To set up an ERPLY warehouse, go to Books “Settings” > “ERPLY POS & Inventory Settings”. The module looks like this:

ERPLY POS & Inventory settings

1.Connecting to ERPLY

Enter your ERPLY username, password and customer code with which you log in to the ERPLY warehouse and click the green save button in the bottom right-hand corner. Now you have connection.


2. Select an article for stock related products

All products in ERPLY are synchronised to one article in Books. Define this article here.

Connecting to ERPLY


3. Select an article for service bills

From the warehouse, all services are synced to one Books article. Define this article here.


4. Do you want to see customers or use the default customer name?

By default, Books syncs all customers from ERPLY. If you wish, you can select a customer by default so that Books will link all sales invoices to that customer. It is an optional field, which you can left empty.


Read longer manual here!