Overdue invoices


The overdue invoices solution is an additional plugin that allows customers to account for overdue invoices.

ERPLY Books has a separate overdue invoices solution. Thanks to this, you can:

  • create overdue invoices
  • track the amount of overdue invoice
  • use an overdue article that combines all overdue transactions

The overdue invoice solution is an integrated solution with the customer’s report – the place where the customer’s balances come from. The customer’s report contains the following information about the overdue charges

  • the amounts of overdue invoices
  • a column of calculated overdue amounts
  • a column of overdue amounts settled (i.e. the amount of overdue invoices among unpaid invoices)
  • a column of overdue invoices paid in the period – for this you also need to add the start date of the period (if you are looking for the April period, it shows the amount of overdue invoices paid in April that had accumulated by the time the invoice was paid)
  • you can select a customer and press “Overdue”, after which a late invoice will be prepared

A few nuances about the solution for late fees:

  • Overdue invoices are not created automatically – the solution allows you to track and add invoices one at a time
  • When adding overdue sums on the invoice, you must always use the same article – through the overdue article, Books checks how much overdues have already been calculated

Delay calculation:

  • When you start to create an invoice, before selecting a customer, the default percentage under the Configuration is set
  • if you select a customer, the overdue percentage on the customer’s card is assigned to the invoice
  • the overdue invoice payment solution is based on day-based calculation – if you are using some other method of late payment calculation, this module may not be suitable to you
  • the overdue amount that you see in the customer report is calculated for all overdue invoices in total (including the number of days overdue for each invoice)

The solution for overdue invoices costs EUR 599 + VAT as a one-time payment.