Business intelligence with ERPLY Books


Why use Business intelligence?

If you want to dig into your business numbers then we have business intelligence tools for you:

  • create charts, see what is growing, what is decreasing and see which dimensions work the best
  • see pie charts  by country, state, town or whatever you need

Business intelligence tools come with plugins that make it possible to use reports for large datasets.

When you have thousands of invoices every month and make use of multiple dimensions, then by default, the ERPLY Books version may be limited with the speed and flexibility of reports. There are different plugins available in ERPLY Books, which are designed to create various reports, for example, “show customer sales by year”, “show the balances of bank accounts per day” etc. Plugins interconnect data and are therefore so much more than just management reports.

These plugins are especially useful for larger organisations as it will increase the speed of all processes in ERPLY Books and it allows you to pull more in-depth reports for your business, however, it is not limited only to larger organisations. Small organisations will also see the benefit of these additional plugins.


Additional plugins for transactions – 99 EUR

The Additional Index for transactions allows you to create the following reports:

  • Sales / purchases of inventory articles per day
  • Sales / purchases of inventory articles per month
  • Customer payments per day
  • Monthly customer payments
  • Filter by VAT type in the VAT report, this is used to identify VAT prepayments

The additional plugin also speeds up the general ledger, transactions register and the inventory article report.


Additional Invoice plugin – 199 EUR

The Additional Invoice  plugin allows you to create the following reports:

  • Total sales per month
  • Sales per customer by month
  • Total sales per day
  • Sales per customer by day

This plugin also significantly speeds up invoice search.


Account Balance plugin – 299 EUR

The Account balance is the complete transaction history. When displaying balances in reports, it’s often easier to  export the data into Excel to analyze it. The Account Balance Plugin makes it possible to analyze the data directly in ERPLY Books:

  • Display  bank account balances at the beginning of each month on a graph
  • Display cash balances  per day
  • Increase / decrease of sales per customer per year
  • Display receivables per year
  • Display payables per year

Using the Account Balance plugin makes all queries that require account balances significantly faster.

It is recommended to add rounding configurations on  all entries,in order for all transactions  to be rounded.


Project Report Plugin – 299EUR

The Project Report plugin  will speed up any dimension queries, you will also be able to analyze dimensions in all aspects of your business, you will be able to create expense pie charts, display revenue per location by month, display increase in revenue per location by month and many more.

A project manual is also available on the following link, where these options are listed separately: HERE

The total cost of the package which includes all the above plugins are 799 EUR.

For more information or to order please contact :