Setting up Telema integration

From now on, ERPLY Books has integration with the Telema eFlow service. By using the integration between ERPLY Books and Telema eFlow, it is possible to synchronize purchase documents in ERPLY Books. 

For setting up the integration, go to the Settings -> Integrations, find Telema integration and then press the “Manage” button.

Then, a window will open where you need to enter your Telema username and API key. You can find this information in Telema’s environment. Once you have entered the data, make sure to click “Save”.


Now, when a connection between ERPLY Books and Telema has been created, the data can be synchronized. To do that, click on the “Synchronize” button under Integrations. A window will open where you need to specify the date range.

From Telema, data synchronization can also be set to automatic. To do this, search for the “Automatic sync for integrations” module on the dashboard and add a row for the Telema integration by selecting “PARTNER_TELEMA” in the type field.