Reports by email plugin


The reports by email plugin will make your life easier! Let’s say you need to send a monthly customer report to the company’s management on a fixed date on fixed terms. Or you need to send monthly profit and loss reports to 30 companies. This is the same situation: fixed date, fixed terms. This ERPLY Books additional feature will take care of this process for you!


The conditions for setting up the add-on: 

  • Report type
  • Parameters
    • Fixed parameters
    • Date parameters:
      • Yesterday
      • Today
      • Last week
      • This week
      • Last month
      • This month
      • Last year
      • This year
      • Period locked until date
  • Which day to send
  • Recipients – separate with a semicolon

One report costs 10 EUR + VAT. The maximum amount that will be billed for this service is 299 EUR + VAT.

For any questions, please contact