Moderan Integration

Moderan is an online software for managing commercial property spaces, lease contracts, utilities and reporting. A solution that helps property owners grow their property value through transparency and automation, and save time in the process. 

All commercial real estate owners face the same challenges: 

  • space changes — unlike residential real estate, commercial spaces are often restructured and the space sizes change in time;
  • deadlines — there are always lease deadlines, indexation windows, notice periods, insurance requirements, etc. coming up;
  • utility calculations — they need to reflect all the vacancies, exceptions and tenant and space changes.

Moderan gives you one standardized yet flexible environment to see and manage all properties in one place and track deadlines automatically. 

Moderan integration

Integration of Moderan with ERPLY Books   

With the integration you can:

  • sync and send the data about your customer Organizations from Moderan to ERPLY Books;
  • send full input for issuing rent invoices and utilities invoices from ERPLY Books;
  • Moderan does all the automatic calculations for rent and utilities. ERPLY Books manages all the invoicing automations (tax rates, bulk sending, posting etc).


Who is it for?

The integration benefits all real estate companies who already use or plan to use Moderan to improve management of their commercial properties and  who also use(or plan to use) ERPLY Books for their accounting.

Using Moderan-ERPLY Books integration has saved our users anywhere between 1 hour to 1 day each month. In addition, such automation means you no longer waste time and money fixing typical human errors caused by manual data input.


How to configure?

The two softwares get connected through the ERPLY Books API. 

  1.  First, you get the API token from ERPLY Books.
  2. Just go to “Settings” > “API settings”, from where you will find the API token.

Then you go to the Moderan Admin tab Integration settings page:

  1. enable ERPLY integration;
  2. add the ERPLY API key and select which property you want to link. If you have several properties and correspondingly several ERPLY databases, you set up a separate API key-property combination for each;
  3. map rent, fees and utility cost types with the ERPLY article codes, and add translations if needed. 

If you have any questions, please contact Moderan or ERPLY Books Support