Maventa integration 

Automation is the key to efficiency!


Maventa is a Finnish online purchase invoice management system that simplifies the management of e-invoices, PDF invoices, and paper invoices by enabling purchase invoice approval, cost allocation, and the automation of these processes. Maventa aims to reduce the time and money spent on corporate accounting.

Maventa is suitable for SMEs as well as for multinational corporations. Maventa can be connected to existing ERP software or used as separate internet-based software.

Maventa enables invoice management from anywhere, offering the possibility of remote work. All you need is a smartphone, tablet or computer with an internet connection.

Invoices confirmed and posted in the invoice management software are automatically sent by Maventa to the accounting software (ERP) or, if necessary, to another customer’s information software. The purchase invoice management software solution makes the whole purchase invoice processing fast, easy and clear. With the help of the e-invoice confirmation circle, paper invoices no longer travel from one desk to another inside the company, but invoices can be confirmed online and while being out of the office. In addition, thanks to the digital archive, invoices can be archived in the Maventa software, which makes searching for invoices in the archive quick and easy. It is a web-based solution, e.g. information is always available regardless of employees’ location.

The Maventa e-invoicing service supports a wide range of different e-invoicing formats – 9 to be precise. Maventa automatically converts the invoices from one format to another.

Using ERPLY Books? See how you can benefit from using Maventa:

  • Save your and your colleagues’ time by automating purchase invoice management and all the processes related to it.
  • Paper invoices are no longer moved from one office desk to another. Now the invoice confirmation round can be done conveniently online, regardless of the location of the employees.
  • Invoice management can be done from anywhere in the world where an internet connection and a web browser are available.
  • Get a real-time overview of the company’s purchase invoices.
  • Invoices are stored for the period prescribed by law, which means that the Maventa software can also be used as an invoice archive.
  • Easy access to the invoice archive – all the necessary data can be found quickly.
  • Using the system results in fewer mistakes thanks to the smaller amount of manual work, which enables higher data quality.
  • E-sales invoices move faster than PDF or paper invoices, making invoicing easier and more efficient.

Using Maventa? See how you can benefit from using ERPLY Books:

  • ERPLY Books has a bank import function that allows you to automate up to 100% of all payments.
  • Accountants can automate the processes of all of their small businesses by making sure all payments come to Books automatically (removing file down-file up manual labour) and using a partner panel only to handle payments that the system could not handle automatically
  • Businesses of all sizes that need to handle bank payments can automate the payables and receivables.
  • When your company’s accountant goes on vacation, payments will still go to Books and ERPLY Books will continue working by identifying and connecting as many payments as possible.

Maventa integration configuration

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