Massive Use of Prepayments


Massive Use of Prepayments is a plugin that allows you to find all the active prepayments and use them with a few clicks. The use of prepayments can also be organized one at a time, but if there are several prepayments in the system which are not automatically linked with invoices, it makes sense to use the plugin for the prepayments.

This functionality includes:

  • the system searches for all prepayments that can be used;
  • you can search for separate purchase and sale transactions;
  • you can search for exact matches – all contacts are searched where the prepayment is equal to the amount of the unpaid invoices;
  • imprecise use of prepayments can also be carried out – this is necessary if, for example, the customer has 10 invoices, 20 payments, and the amount of invoices is less than the amount of prepayments;
  • you can create a rule that the system itself would perform searches and prepayment usage in the period of the order.

Plugin price: 799 EUR + VAT as a one-time fee.


  • we will add a button on the main page to open the module;
  • we will demonstrate one session of using prepayments;
  • if necessary, we will set the system to fully automatic.