Purchase orders


The ordinary process of purchase orders in ERPLY Books is explained in more detail in the following scheme.


Prepay process:

  • Add P/O to the backoffice.
  • Print out checks:
    • open P/O’s in ERPLY Books;
    • select P/O’s you want to pay;
    • click “export payments to file”;
    • edit information if needed (check number, amount etc);
    • click “export payments to file”.
  • — Do not close the module —
  • Print the checks and send them out.
  • Click on the “mark as paid” – then ERPLY Books will create payment with the “pending money” system account (you can change it in settings -> initial data -> system accounts).
  • Now you can send out the payment details (click send -> print -> send email) for positive pay.


Now you can wait the goods. Once the goods arrive you can select P/O and create invoice from it. The prepayments connect automatically with purchase invoice.