Non-invoiced document transactions


Setting up non-invoiced document transactions may be necessary, for example, when an order is created in ERPLY Books and you want to display it as future revenue.

In order to use this module, the transaction templates must be previously configured, as then the following rule can be used and transactions will be made according to the transaction templates. You can read more about entering templates here. 

To configure the module, a new rule needs to be added under Global Parameters. You can find Global Parameters in the search box on the main page. 

  • Value = insert here the document types for which the rule will apply (for example DOCUMENT_SALES_ORDER).
  • AltValue = true

If there is no transaction template, an error will occur.

If the value is missing, the transactions will not be saved.

AltValue 2

If you want to apply the rule to sales only, enter ”true”.

If you want to apply the rule to purchases only, enter ”false”.

If the document is later used for creating an invoice or a delivery note, for example, a reverse transaction will also be made and the reverse transactions will be added on the first line transaction of the original document. 

After adding the rule, save the changes and log out/log in to the account for the changes to apply.