Invoice scheduler


In ERPLY Books, you can use the invoice scheduler which is meant for sending out multiple invoices at once. You can send out PDF invoices, invoices via email, e-invoices (if supported in your country) and also print out the factoring file. For example, suppose an accountant wants to send invoices every morning and has 50 invoices – 10 of them go to factoring, 30 of them will go out via email and the last 10 you want to print out. 

The process includes the following steps: 

  1. You create waybills or invoices in the ERPLY back office
  2. Then you synchronize invoices to ERPLY Books
  3. In ERPLY Books you can see the invoices that you haven’t send out and then you can manage them one by one

If you are using factoring, then you can print out factoring invoices, then select the invoices that you haven’t sent to factoring and you want to send out as PDF-s. 


Configuring the invoice scheduler


To use the invoice scheduler, go to Settings -> Configuration and enable rule number 27 ‘’Use invoice scheduler’’.

If the invoice scheduler is enabled for your company, then you can see ‘’Pending Invoices’’ in Open Receivables (Sales -> Sales Invoices -> Open Receivables).  

You can use this in various ways:

  • The main feature (if you are not using factoring) is the ‘’Not sent documents’ option. This option gives you the list of invoices you haven’t sent out.
  • The ‘’Waybill’’ option is there for situations, for example, when the goods are sent out and the accountant has to create an invoice later by waybill. In such cases, the accountant can select all the waybills for which they would like to create invoices and dates can be changed there as well. When the waybills and dates are selected, click on the yellow ‘’Create invoice’’ button. 

You can send invoices by selecting invoices with checkmarks, then click on ‘’More’’. This will reveal the following options: 


Creating invoices


If you create invoices in this module, there are many localizing options. For example, invoices can be connected with a reference number. It is also possible to change the invoice number here – Books will create an invoice number for you but it won’t create an invoice number in the ERPLY back office. This can be done by invoice type. When you use this option, then by default all the B2B invoices should be sent out from ERPLY Books. It does not matter if you use a Point of Sales because these invoices will not appear in this module anyway since they are already paid. 


Learn more from this video.