Getting started with a zero balance


There are two ways of getting started with a zero balance on ERPLY Books.


1. Copying an organization


  • Open the Partner Panel of ERPLY Books
  • On this page you can see all of your companies
  • Activate the company that you wish to set as the basis for copying
  • In the bottom right corner, press ”More” and choose ”Copy”

Use this option if you want to copy the base data of the selected company, e.g. their account plan, system account, VAT rates, etc. to the new company. Contacts will not be copied.



2. Adding a new organization


  • If you log in with your regular ERPLY Books user, you will see your company’s name in the top menu bar. Click on the company’s name. A menu bar will open – press ”Add organisation”
  • A new window will open, where you can add a new organisation and start with a zero balance.


When creating an entirely new organization, you will need to perform the full setup from the beginning before you can begin work.