Creating ERPLY Inventory invoices in the purchase inbox  


Frequently Asked Question: The Purchase Invoice Inbox is awesome, but can it also be used for warehouse invoices? Yes, it can! A separate plugin can be used for this, which allows the storekeeper to log into ERPLY Books so that they can see only the purchase invoices related to them and the Purchase Inbox. At the same time, it can be specified that only the files that the accountant has marked as warehouse invoices would be visible in the Purchase Inbox. The warehouse worker can select a file from the Purchase Inbox and create an invoice – the ERPLY warehouse purchase invoice creation window or the purchase order search window will then open.

This functionality requires implementation, because it is necessary to make teach the accountant what rights to assign to the user, how the storekeeper logs in etc. – the idea is that the accountant whould then teach the storekeepers, i.e. the goal of the implementation is to make the process clear primarily to the accountant.

The price of implementation is 249 EUR + VAT.