Document types in ERPLY Books


Has a corresponding purchase document?Changes inventoryCreates accounting journalsActual document type in APICommentCan be a base document for the followingNotes
Sales contractxDOCUMENT_SALES_CONTRACTAllThis concerns sales contracts. You can track expected and actual quantities and in this way handle partial contracts, see the profitability of contracts etc.
Transport requestxDOCUMENT_TRANSPORT_REQUESTAllTransport documents show what is being transported
Transport documentxDOCUMENT_TRANSPORTAllMakes it possible to request for transport
Price offerDOCUMENT_BIDSales orders, all invoices
Sales orderxDOCUMENT_SALES_ORDERAllUsually used with ecommerce integrations to record orders made on the website. Can also be used for any kind of customer “wishes”. An order is a customer’s “wish” and this “wish” can be approved when the customer makes the payment – meaning orders can be paid and there is a separate automated order prepayment process available
WaybillxxxDOCUMENT_WAYBILLDelivered, not invoicedAll non-accounting documents and confirmation invoicesWaybills are an optional method if you need to handle customers who “bring you goods 10 times a month but ask for one invoice only at the end of the month”. Meaning: you can have N waybills and create 1 joint document for all of them
Cash invoicexxxDOCUMENT_POS_SELLDelivered and invoicedUsually shouldn’t have any base documents. Via API possible to link with all non-accounting documentsIs handled with POS. No manual entry option in ERPLY Books
Invoice waybillxxxDOCUMENT_SELLDelivered and invoicedAll non-accounting documents and credit invoicesMost common sales invoices
Confirmation invoicexxDOCUMENT_SELLInvoiced, not deliveredAll non-accounting documents, waybills and credit invoicesThere must be a base document for a waybill. Cannot be handled any other way. This document type is also used when handling waste purchases where the supplier needs to pay for the waste
Credit invoicexxxDOCUMENT_SELLDelivered and invoicedAll accounting documentsThere must be a base document for an existing sales invoice. It is also possible to create a negative invoice from scratch. You get a credit invoice when you click on the “credit invoice” button on any sales documents you already have