Wemply integration


Wemply is a convenient real-time online timetracking software that automates the calculation of hours worked. It is possible to enter the working hours and absences of employees (holidays, sick leave, etc.) in Wemlpy.

With the integration of Wemply and ERPLY Books, employees’ working hours are sent directly to the accounting software. The payroll module in ERPLY Books allows you to use data from Wemply to:

  • calculate employees’ salaries;
  • calculate the state taxes payable;
  • send payslips to employees;
  • submit a TSD to the Tax and Customs Office;
  • determine formulas for holiday pay, sickness benefits and other situations.


Connecting Wemply to ERPLY Books

Log in to Wemply and select “Configure” > “Settings” > “API Keys” from the menu. Now generate an API key by clicking on the purple box “Add” on the right, enter the name of the API key and click “Save”.

Go to “Settings”> “Integrations”> “Wemply” in ERPLY Books.

Wemply integration


Next, paste the API Secret and API ID from Wemply into the corresponding boxes in the window that opens.

Wemply integration

For automatic synchronisation, enter “Automatic sync for integrations” in the search box on the main page. In the opened module, click “+ Add”, write the desired name in the “Name” box, select “PARTNER_WEMPLY” in the “Type” box. In the “Alignment” box, type the hour when you want the synchronization to take place. The calculation takes place in Irish time and the synchronisation takes place 2 hours later in Estonian time (1 hour later during daylight saving time). For example, if you set the time to 23:00, the synchronisation will take place at 01:00 AM. In the “How many hours” box, type how many hours back you want to sync. For example, if you want the software to always sync the last 3 days, type “72”.


To view synchronized data from Wemply, go to “Payroll” > “Timetables” > “Working times” in ERPLY Books. Based on the data, a payroll is automatically generated. Read more about ERPLY Books payroll and the opportunities it offers here.