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Äriregistri ühendus

Alates 1. novembrist on võimalik ERPLY Books’is luua ühendus Äriregistri andmebaasiga, et uute kontaktikaartide (nii klientide kui hankijate) lisamine oleks kiirem ja mugavam.  Kuidas lahendus töötab? Uue kontakti lisamiseks avada “müük”-> “kontaktid või “ost”-> “kontaktid” ning avada uus kontaktikaart. Nime lahtrisse sisestage vastava ettevõtte juriidiline nimi. Nime otsing toimib nii nime alguse kui ka nime

E-invoices in Estonia

What is an e-invoice? E-invoice is a machine readable bill. In general, it’s in XML format, but it doesn’t necessarily have to be like that. The Estonian e-invoice standard is XML and its use allows the user to send an invoice from one system to another so that the receiving party doesn’t need to enter

Clearing prepayments in ERPLY Books

Prepayment clearing feature is a functionality that makes it possible to connect prepayment and its return. For reminder, prepayment return must be added as a negative payment to the customer/supplier. Meaning: if you add a prepayment to a supplier, then it must be added as a positive payment to supplier. And if they return it,

Free Accounting software

New price plan with a free package. Why? ERPLY Books has a new price plan. We are back with the free package – basic accounting features are now available for every customer. At the same time, ERPLY Books still offers packages, which include additional features that help to save time, give valuable information and simplify

Privacy settings regarding ERPLY Books and Swedbank integration

About a year ago we introduced the Swedbank integration. This has simplified accountants’ everyday work, when it comes to managing purchase and sales invoice payments. Now there is no need to download bank statements or upload payment orders – this step has been automated. Recently some web browsers have had updates and changed their initial

Additional VAT rules in Lithuania

Minimum limit on VAT sales & purchases in Lithuania In Lithuania there is no lower limit on sales and purchases, all VAT transactions must be declared, invoice by invoice.   Types and rates of  VAT In Lithuania, there are numerous tax rate types that are reflected in tax declarations. Below you will find the description

Additional VAT rules in Latvia

Minimum 150€ limit on VAT sales & purchases in Latvia In Latvia, if you are VAT liable, according to law, your company has to declare all sales and purchases with VAT done for more than a 150€ with one vendor/customer, every single invoice. This is done in order to prevent the VAT fraud. Your regular

Adding credit invoices/credit notes in ERPLY Books

Businesses have to deal with credit invoices every day: imagine you purchased a product, but it turns out it does not fit you or it has a defect, or there is another reason to make you return the good to the seller. Or vice versa – your customer wishes to return the product they purchased.

Invoice copying – what is this and how to use it?

How often do you happen to pay or issue identical invoices? Let’s say you are an accounting firm that charges the same monthly fee to it’s client. Or you might have a client overseas, who consumes the same amount of goods or services every month and pays you in a different currency. In this case