The motto of ERPLY Books is to save more time for accountants and entrepreneurs.

In order to optimise time spent on accounting, you need to use the automation features our product offers and add all necessary settings to your organisation’s account.

Necessary information for all accountants

  • Use the same features in each of your ERPLY Books organisations: Purchase Inbox, Bank import etc. It is possible with our new price plan. For example, if you have a small company that doesn’t need a customer report, then you don’t need to add it to your price plan. This means you can use the same functions for every organisation, but you only pay for those you actually use.
  • Use all the features that you have in your package. You can save up to 85% of your accounting time (or even more in certain cases). The same principle applies to bank-related activities. Automate all bank-related operations (you can automate your operations up to 100%). Use the automation solutions we provide – in three months you will wonder how you ever managed your accounting differently. Once you’d like to start using certain features, we are always happy to give you a personal training on those, online or offline. Also, all necessary manuals are available on our website.
  • There are more reports available, than those you can find in the Reports menu. You can make a desired custom report by using Report Generator. We can help you to extract all necessary information from ERPLY Books by teaching you how to use the Report Generator or by creating a custom report in the system for you.
  • You can order special reports. This relates to the previous point. With ERPLY Books it is possible to automate monthly reports and save you lots of hours of manual labour.
  • There are many settings that help you to save time. The following questions will help you to understand if there are certain steps in your setup process that you haven’t done so far:
    • Do you have to click between the invoice and the customer card while creating an invoice? We can set up auto-filling of the invoice fields (registration number, bank IBAN etc).
    • Do you have to pick a correct bank every time you do the bank import? It is possible to configure the system to pick your desired bank in the Bank import module by default.
    • Do you create payment file because you don’t confirm payments and you wait for your CEO to do so? ERPLY Books is able to automate this process for you.
    • Is it hard for you do find the right projects quickly because you have hundreds of projects? You can use Project Groups to consolidate your projects for better management and navigation.
  • Automatic check-ups: do you need to check certain data every day? For example, if all prepayments have VAT added, or if you have new invoices for the previous accounting period? In ERPLY books you can configure the system to have all necessary data in your hands upon request.
  • In case you are managing multiple organisations in ERPLY Books and you do the daily accounting , you don’t need to switch between them back and forth to get the necessary data in front of your eyes. Our feature called the Partner panel allows you to see all the data in one place. Let’s say that you have 30 companies, who you provide accounting services for. Every day you have to switch between organisations multiple times just to check the data. Partner panel lets you see data from multiple organisations in one tab. E.g: company X has new purchase invoices that need to be created or approved, in the company Y you have 8 new payments waiting for bank import. Information about both companies can be seen straight in this module. For an accountant, who serves 30 companies, this feature can save up to 100 hours per year.