New price plan with a free package. Why?

ERPLY Books has a new price plan. We are back with the free package – basic accounting features are now available for every customer. At the same time, ERPLY Books still offers packages, which include additional features that help to save time, give valuable information and simplify your everyday work.

When we just started ERPLY Books, we wanted to offer the best solution for small companies. Now, the focus has been changed and we have functionalities for large enterprises as well. At the same time, we created Purchase Inbox – a tool, which automates import and processing of purchase invoices. It’s a solution for both small and large companies, but the old price plan didn’t allow the customer to make that choice. It was only available for customers with a “Large” package. Now the the idea behind our packages is simple – pay for what you use and have the basic accounting features for free.


ERPLY Books’ mission

With the new price plan we confirm our mission: “Our goal is to give more time to accountants and entrepreneurs”. We offer the best features for small companies in order to simplify their everyday work and focus on growing their businesses, and we have the best solutions for large enterprises to manage work in all departments. On top of that, we offer custom solutions, too.

We have been working hard in order to develop functions, which automate data entry and give the best picture of a company’s work. Using these features, accountants have more time and opportunities to focus on the company’s performance. If you have a feeling that our system is not automated enough or any of the reports don’t meet your requirements, turn to us get a correct setup of all modules according to your needs.

The following features play an important role in the confirmation of our mission:

  • Swedbank integration. Connect your Swedbank account with ERPLY Books and customers’ payments will be connected with your invoices 5 minutes after the bank has received the payment.
  • Purchase Inbox. Automate purchase invoices and everything else connected to these invoices. This is an innovative approach, where a customer can send invoices to the system via email; invoices will be processed automatically, later you can add the invoice approval feature to make sure that no unconfirmed invoices are sent for payment.
  • Report generator. Use this tool to compile all the reports, which your auditor might need.
  • Track emails. See who has opened the emails sent by you, and who has not received them.
  • Automatic payment reminders. Every night the system sends automatic payment reminders to customers, who have unpaid invoices pending.

A combination of these solutions may open you the door to fully automated accounting.

For example: You have a small fitness club and every month you send invoices to your customers.

  • For monthly invoices use the recurring invoice module.
  • Use Swedbank as your only bank and make the integration between Swedbank and ERPLY Books. When you receive a payment, the system connects it automatically with the invoice.
  • Add automatic payment reminders – if a client has not made a payment on time, they will get a notification.
  • You also get purchase invoices (e.g. phone bills and rent bills for the premises). You can add rules to automate those purchase invoices; so when your supplier sends an invoice to your Purchase Inbox, the invoices will be created in the system automatically.
  • If you’re not a VAT payer, then the only time you need to log in to ERPLY Books is to send those purchase invoices to your bank and confirm the payments.

Therefore, the only thing you should do manually is pay the invoices, but this is a process that nobody wants to automate.

As you can see, it is possible to automate basically every process about your accounting – you just need to use the right combination of features that meet your requirements.

Manifest for accountants

To sum up the previous information, the goal of our new price plan is to give everybody the opportunity to use all the desired functions. Here’s the manifest for accountants: Automate all operations related to data entry and use all the reports you need.

Click HERE to read the manifest.


New price plan

Our new flexible price plan consists of three packages:

  1. Pay As You Go
  2. Medium
  3. Large

The “pay as you go” package is suitable for enterprises, who are price sensitive, but still need some features from bigger packages. They can add the extra features that they need and the price will be based on those. By default, the price for the “Pay As You Go” package is 0 EUR, which means the free package is back and you get all the basic accounting tools for free.

“Medium” package is suitable for those, who want a standard solution.

“Large” package is for companies who have multiple different business processes and departments.


Some examples of how the new price plan could be useful for you:


1. Accounting business. Now you can offer the same standard price for all the companies. And the best part – all your companies (regardless of the size) can use all of the Purchase Inbox features. Add their own personal email address and automate the process of purchase invoice entry.

2. Starting a company. You can start with only a package and features that you need. You can add more features and options later when you expand your company.

3. Hobby company. You host weddings, sell handmade jewelry or you offer services that require sending and receiving just a couple of invoices per month. For all these cases you can use the best software without spending a lot of money.

4. You need to compile invoices but you don’t need other accounting services? For that, you need to send emails and compile invoices if needed. This process only costs 2 EUR per month in total. If you need to see customer’s debts, you can add the bank import and the customer report. This would be an extra 6 EUR. If you don’t need to send payment reminders to customers manually then you can only add the bank import for 1 EUR per month. 

5. You need to manage purchase invoices. You need Purchase Inbox and all of its features. Let’s say that you have 20 purchase invoices per month and you need a feature to compile the payment files. The total cost for this service would be 20 x 0.15 + 1 = 4 EUR. If you need the invoice approval feature, it only costs 10 EUR per month.




Functionality descriptions

In order to understand what every function means and does, we describe them briefly. Click HERE to read more.


Extra solutions

In order for you to have the best and the most helpful functions in your account, you can use the following price list. You can add new features by yourself, but we can always guide you to create the most effective setup according to your needs.



Frequently asked questions

Do I need to change my current price plan?

If you don’t have “Price plan” under “Settings”, then you have to write to the customer support, if you need or want to change your package.

Changing the price plan is not mandatory.


Can I change the plan every month?

Sure, you can change your plan every month, but please bear in mind that the buttons and the system appearance will change according to the plan you choose.

Choose the “Medium” or “Large” plan, where you have the desired features included.


Can I add the Purchase Inbox to my account by myself?

Yes, you can do it regardless of the price. By default, your Purchase Inbox email address is or You can also have a custom email at your own domain (, this feature is available at extra cost. Please turn to our customer support for more details.