Buum integration

Sales and purchases of your company and their management conveniently all in one place!

Buum is a software solution that is suitable for business accounting of a store, cash register, warehouse and all the activities of a merchant. It has a flexible design and allows you to configure the data to your liking. Each user can configure and generate reports to suit their needs. Reports can be displayed in graphical, tabular, or regular views. In addition, the Buum software includes special solutions for museums, shops and catering companies.

In the retail module you can:

  • manage the day-to-day running of the store
  • create orders for suppliers and customers
  • manage shifts and working hours
  • create timed discounts and offers
    • You can use separate customer cards with the company logo, as well as an ID card or mTask solution to receive / give discounts.

Buum software works in the cash register even if the internet connection should disappear.

The business sales solution allows you to:

  • Create orders, reservations, offers and, as the sale proceeds, simply invoice these to the customer.
  • Conveniently apply bank receipts to accounts, thus monitoring customers’ credit behavior and security of payment.
  • ​​Assign customers both a customer-based and a general discount, which is automatically applied to the customer when compiling the document.
  • Track all purchases and orders conveniently from reporting.
  • Create purchase orders conveniently based on customer orders.
  • In the case of consolidated invoice customers, to prepare consolidated invoices for both sales invoices as well as to customers paying with a bank transfer who have received the goods automatically from the cash register.
  • Set up automatic invoicing according to customer needs.
  • Send the prepared documents to the customer both in the form of e-mail and e-invoices, through the selected contract partner (FitekIn, Finbite).

The purchase process is comprehensive and shows and lists all orders and purchases that have been made for the goods and on the basis of which a new order for the goods must be placed with the supplier. Prepared orders can be sent to the supplier electronically or by email. Orders are always visible, discoverable and manageable in reporting.

Using ERPLY Books? See how you can benefit from using Buum:

  • The Buum software allows you to create orders for suppliers and customers, the invoices which can be conveniently managed in the ERPLY Books software.
  • When compiling a document for a customer, customer-based and general discounts are applied automatically.
  • All orders placed can be tracked from reporting, and purchase orders can be created based on customer orders.
  • Buum software has the ability to create the required number of warehouses and monitor the movement of goods in real time.
  • Orders are always visible, discoverable and manageable in reporting.
  • The accountant has a constant overview of the working hours of the company’s employees.

Using Buum? See how you can benefit from using ERPLY Books:

  • The entire sales made by the company are automatically transferred to the ERPLY Books software for accounting purposes.
    • The software works in the same way with warehouse purchase invoices.
  • All sales and purchase invoices required for accounting are automatically retrieved from Buum software by the ERPLY Books software.
  • ERPLY Books has a bank import function that can automate up to 100% of all payments.
  • Accountants can now automate purchase invoice management processes so that all payments reach ERPLY Books automatically (removing file down-file up manual work) and leaving for manual work only payments that the system cannot identify.
  • Businesses of all sizes that have to accept bank payments can automate their payable and receivable invoices.
  • When your company’s accountant goes on vacation, payments will still go to Books, and ERPLY Books will continue to work by identifying and combining as many payments as possible.

Buum integration configuration

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