ERPLY Books can send automatic customer reminders and statements.

To set this up write into the Dashboard search box “Automatic customer reminders/statements”. In the opened module you can fill in the following fields:

  • Subject -According to this the email subject is set. The company name is assigned automatically to the end of email.
  • Body – html format email content
  • Type – customerBalance or customerReminder
  • Overdue (days) – the minimum number of days that must be overdue
    1. if the customer has one overdue invoice then overdue days for that invoice will be token
    2. if customer has several invoices overdue, the minimum number of days overdue will be token
  • How many days from last email? – you can determine the period during which no new message will be sent to the customer. For example if you send a new invoice to a customer every day and he doesn’t pay any of them, he will receive a new reminder with the same text every day. In this situation it is reasonable to determine “ the number of days overdue” at least +1 days and the client will not receive a new reminder every day. It is extremely important if you want to send at least 2 different reminders to the customer.
  • Lock customers? – yes, if you want to lock customers in ERPLY Books and on the ERPLY POS side.
  • Minimal debt – you can avoid sending letters to customers whose debt is below a certain amount.
  • Don’t send to customers with prepayment? – you can avoid sending letters to customers with a non-zero prepayment at the top. If a customer with prepayment has outstanding invoices, you should fix-up that customer’s information so that the program can send reminders to him.

If you add a new row into this module, the program checks every night whether it needs to send an automatic reminder to someone – the rules are drawn up on a continuous basis and it is not done once a month.

If you do not want to send reminders anymore, open the Dashboard and write “Customer attributes” into the search box. The new module will be opened, choose the client and write ATTRIBUTE_CUSTOMER_DONT_SEND_REMINDER into the name box and save. With this no more reminders will be sent to this customer in the future.

Example: I wish the reminder process to be three-step


  • Week overdue – reminder
  • Two weeks overdue – recurring reminder
  • Month overdue – warning letter, also a notice to myself that this customer needs to be dealt with.

The following picture shows that the first letter will be sent if there are 7 days overdue. “How many days from last email” – number 7 means that the next email will not be sent until 7 days have passed since the last email sent. If the customer has not paid the debt, a recurring reminder will be sent on the 15th day. And again 7 days will be set since the last email. The last recurring reminder (warning letter) will be sent on the 30th day. After that the customer will be locked in the ERPLY stock.