Entering purchase invoices manually is an important but time-consuming part of an accountant’s day-to-day work. However, ERPLY Books has a solution that saves up to 80% of the time spent on purchase invoices! 

Purchase invoices in ERPLY Books are automated through the Purchase Inbox. Send purchase invoices directly to the ERPLY Books Purchase Inbox where you can customise the rules yourself. Creating a purchase invoice is easy: just enter the data on the left and on the right you can see the changes on the selected template in real time. ERPLY Books also analyses the content of the invoices in a non-personalised manner in order to continuously develop the software.

With an ERPLY Books personal email, you can easily gather invoices in one place. Just share your email with vendors and purchase invoices will be automatically archived in the software’s Purchase Inbox.

In the absence of a purchase invoice, ERPLY Books has developed a PDF Parser for reading PDF files. It automatically creates an invoice for ERPLY Books with 70% accuracy based on the information received.

The ERPLY Books Purchase Inbox is a flexible solution that allows customers to create their own rules and select additional features to further automate the accounting software. For example, ERPLY Books has a user-friendly confirmation process. It allows you to conveniently confirm purchase invoices via email or in the software, and it is easy to activate.

With the ERPLY Books Purchase Inbox, you can forget about paperwork and take some time off to enjoy your Fridays!

Find out more about the ERPLY Books Purchase Inbox here!

Purchase Inbox