Invoice confirmation

Invoice confirmation

This manual describes how to use invoice confirmation in ERPLY Books. Invoice confirmation is a new solution that requires somebody to check invoices before someone else pays them. This is not a mandatory module and the customers can configure it according to their needs.

In the following, we describe:

  • What is an invoice confirmation?
  • How to use it?
  • What are the rules for invoice confirmation?
  • How to add files to an invoice and how to confirm them?
  • Confirmation process
  • Invoice statuses


What is an invoice confirmation?

Invoice confirmation makes paying for purchase invoices safer. You can assign specific people the role to verify invoices before sending them out to be paid. Due to the fact that you can both confirm files and invoices the system works as a digital archiving file.  

How to use invoice confirmation?

In order to use invoice confirmation, first, you have to choose the rules for confirmation. The following are the settings for the confirmation process.


Confirmation rules:

  • First, you have to enable invoice confirmation. Go to “Settings” > “Configuration” and tick off “Use Invoice Approval.”
  • Go to the section ”Invoice approval rules” and make the following selecion:
    • Enable > Yes – enable this feature.
    • Minimum number of approvals – determine the minimal number of people who have to approve the invoice.
    • Invoice must be approved by – assigning a specific person (CEO, senior accountant) who has to verify the invoice.

How to add files to an invoice and how to confirm them?

You can add a file to an existing invoice when you go to “Settings” > “Configuration” > section “E-mail” and copy the email address.

Send the file that you want to add to the invoice to this email address. When you have sent the file(s) then go to “Purchases” > “Purchase inbox”. You will see a list of unconfirmed files. You can see the buttons in the menu below and the files can be confirmed by clicking on “Confirm”.

There’s also another way to add files to an invoice. Go to “Purchase” > “Purchase invoice (new)”. Choose the file that you want to add to the invoice. It can be in  XML, PDF, PNG, and  JPG format. Save the added file and save the invoice (the button for saving can be found in the menu below). The invoice can be confirmed by going to  “Purchase” > “Purchase inbox” and there will be a list of unconfirmed invoices. Click on “Confirm” in order to confirm the fail.

You can see files that are added to the invoice when you go to “Reports” > “Purchase invoices”. Click on the last button on the row “print” and a new window will open where you will be able to see the attached files. You can download the added file by clicking on the attached file. If you cannot see the print button then your screen might be too small and you have to scroll right.

  • Option: an invoice can’t be confirmed when it doesn’t have a file.
  • You can create an invoice but you can’t confirm it before setting the rules for confirmation.

Confirmation process


  • You can add verifiers under user privileges section.
  • You can give privileges to a user when you go to “Settings” > “Users” where a list of users will open. Make a double-click on the user email and you will see all the privileges that you confer on the user.
  • Verifier is a person who has the right to verify. You can give the verifier rights when you add the privilege “Settings-verifier”.
  • When a verifier only has the responsibility to check invoices, remove the invoice adding privilege. In order to do that remove the privilege “Edit – Purchase invoices”. Then click on the save button.

Invoice confirmation process:

  • You can confirm files and invoices:
    • If all invoices need to be archived, set it up accordingly so that an invoice can not be created without a file. In that case use only invoice confirmation – after making an invoice from a confirmed file, the system automatically adds “confirmed” status to the invoice. Therefore, you can’t make an invoice with a confirmed status that has an unconfirmed file. If one of the verifiers rejects the invoice and another one approves it, the invoice will have a rejected status. Invoice is confirmed only when there aren’t any rejections and all the users with the right to verify have verified the invoice.
    • If you get the files later, it is reasonable to make the invoices before the files are received. If an accountant can’t approve the files, the files remain with a status “not confirmed.” Then a verifier can approve the invoices (or she/he can wait for the file and then confirm them – then the accountant can connect the file with the invoice).

Different file statuses:

    • Not confirmed – Someone has to confirm the file.
    • Pending – The file has been confirmed and you can make an invoice.
    • Confirmed – Invoice has been created from a file.

You can add accountants in “Settings” > “Users,” click on “Add users” and fill in the information. If you want to make an existing user an accountant, remove the authorisation and add the user again as an accountant. Open the privileges (double-click on the email address) and remove “Settings- Attribute” and “Settings – Configuration”.

Invoice statuses are:

    • Confirmed – A file has been added to invoice and it has been verified.
    • Not confirmed – there might be an unapproved file added to the invoice, but the file might also be missing.
    • Locked – if the invoice is locked, you can’t make any changes in it, and the lock must be removed before proceeding.
    • Confirmed and payment sent to bank – the file has been added and the payment file has been compiled.

You can change the purchase invoice status when you create a new invoice (“Purchase” > “Purchase invoice (add new)”. When the window opens there is a menu on the left side and the status can be changed in the last cell of the menu. The existing invoice statuses can be changed in “Purchase” > “Open payables” > “Purchase invoices” where the document type can be seen as well: confirmed, not confirmed, locked, confirmed and payment sent to bank.  

Invoice confirmation statuses:

    • Rejected – the file isn’t confirmed.
    • Confirmed – the invoice has a file.
  • A user who can verify invoices:
    • Can create invoices when he/she has the right to do so;
    • Can approve/reject already existing invoices and documents.


  • A user who can’t verify the invoices:
    • Can save the invoice with the status “not confirmed.”
    • Can’t save files.
    • Can’t save an invoice.
    • Can only add the status “Not confirmed.”


How can I add more people to approvers?

Go to “Settings” > “Configuration”. There you can add several people who are approvers.

How to determine that a “Person X” always has to confirm the invoices?

Go to “Settings” > “Configuration” where you can add a person who will always have to confirm the invoices.

Can I confirm several invoices at once?

Yes. Open the list of purchase invoices (“Purchase” > “Open Payables”) and choose the status ‘’not confirmed’’. The list of unconfirmed invoices will appear. Choose the invoices that you want to confirm and click on the “Confirm” button.

Can you remove the confirmation from a confirmed invoice?

Yes. Go to “Purchase” > “Open Payables” > “Purchase invoices”. A list of purchase invoices will open. In order to open the invoice click on the invoice number. You will see a menu on the left where the invoice status can be changed in the last cell of the menu.

Where can I see all the invoices with the status “not confirmed”?

Go to “Purchase” > “Open Payables” > “Purchase invoices.” A list of purchase invoices will open. Choose the status “not confirmed” and then you will be able to see all the unconfirmed invoices.

Where can I see all the unconfirmed files?

Go to “Purchase” > “Purchase inbox”. There you can see a list of uploaded files. When you choose the status “Not confirmed” then you can see the list on unapproved files.

Is it possible to give some information to the accountant before compiling the invoice?

Yes, you can do it in the purchase inbox during the confirmation – add a project and extra information.

Where can I see confirmation history?

You can see that in the report generator. Choose “Invoice Approval” in tables and “Invoices”.  Choose “Invoice Approval.Creator (ID)” in output and ”Invoices.Invoice No.”.

Where can I see all confirmations?

All confirmations can be seen in  the report generator.

Where can I see all statuses that are added to an invoice?

Open the invoice and click on “Other” > “See the statuses”.

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